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Freshly Roasted Coffee Delivered To You

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Satisfy All Your Cafe Needs

We are committed to delivering the freshest quality coffee beans. From coffee equipment to freshly roasted coffee beans, we've got you covered.



We Got You Covered - Coffee Paraphernalia, Single Origin Beans, Specialty Blend, Organic Teas, V60, Coffee Filters.

Six Four Coffee has always taken great pride in selecting and roasting YOUR coffee beans: from direct sourcing of suitable green beans to creating the best roasting profiles.

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We provide a one-stop office coffee solution, which includes coffee machines, maintenance and coffee beans, delivered to your workplace.

Choose the coffee monthly subscription plan that best suits your office needs and we will take care of everything!


Six Four Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster offering barista-grade coffee beans and coffee products as a wholesaler and retailer, supplying not only to cafes, but to offices and homes as well.

Founded by James Kee, a veteran Air Force pilot, Six Four Coffee is the culmination of the myriad coffee and cultures discovered and savoured while exploring every corner of the globe, with a mission to bring that distilled appreciation and knowledge to your door. Apart from being a coffee roastery, we also supply top-quality coffee equipment for both home and coffeeshop, from espresso machines, to coffee bean grinders as well as other coffee accessories. For the non-coffee drinking, we have a selection of premium tea from Tea Quiero, as well as a variety of powder mixes.

Six Four Logo (Coloured) | Six Four Coffee
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