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Professional and passionate trainers.
We tailor the course ware and training objectives to meet your needs, with lots of fun too.

General Coffee Class:

  • Barista Skill Training

  • Latte Art Training

  • Coffee Brewing

  • Cafe Operation

  • Coffee Appreciation Workshop

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Our technical team have more than 30 years combined experience working with all types of coffee machines. Even the best machines will deteriorate if proper maintenance is not carried out timely.

When your coffee machine and coffee grinders is down or not performing to its optimal, your business might be affected. 

Not only we could fix almost every coffee machine from low end to top rated espresso machine  in market, but we also do it with care and pay attention to details.

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In very rare occasion, you are in doubt of coffee quality. Our quality assurance officer will investigate the source of problems while assisting you with the best possible solutions.

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As a full-service coffee provider, we will help jumpstart your business by equipping you with the necessary education, training, machinery, point of sale information and all coffee related products.

We see our customers as partners and we will walk with them step by step in turning their dreams into reality. Over the years, we have been working with café owners and coffee chain outlets in various areas; from menu development, design operation SOP, to budgeting the set-up cost, etc

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