• •Farmers use their special knowledge to grow and harvest the herbs to ensure the very best quality. 18 months after the plantations have been established, the rooibos plant is finally ready to reveal its wonderful flavours. Tea Quiero’s rooibos blend is subtly flavoured with orange peel and enhanced with natural orange flavours to give it that unique taste sensation that will lift your spirits.
  • Tea Quiero's Fair-trade red fruits tea blend is flavoured with pieces of raspberry and natural forest berry aromas. From the very first sip, you will discover an exceptionaly well balanced and deeply flavour exquisite black tea
  • 100% Natural Premium Tea Bags, Fair Trade Certified Tea, Imported from Spain
  • Specially blended by leading tea industry experts to ensure that the subtle flavours and refreshing aromas are consistently delivered every time



  • 25 premium tea bags  in 1 Box. 
  • Approx 1.8g - 2g per tea bag


With Tea Quiero, every cup of tea is a gift to the mind, body and spirit.



About Tea Quiero:

At Tea Quiero, we believe that the very best tea comes from the most sustainable estates. That’s why our tea not only tastes superb but also complies with all fair- trade standards. This ensures that we use only the freshest, most recently picked leaves and seasonal in- gredients. Our tea is grown and picked with the utmost care and in accordance with fair trade standards at 1000 metres above sea level in the heart of the beautiful landscape of Sri Lanka, one of the world’s pre-eminent countries for tea production.


Tea Quiero, Rooibos Orange , Natural and Fair-trade Premium Tea ( 25bags/Box

  • Expiry Date

    We are sole distributor of Tea Quiero in Singapore. And like our coffee, our commitment to deliver the best products are never be compromised. For some rare occasion, the teas reach you  have shorter than 6 months expiry date, please contact us and we will do exchange for you


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