A shot timer on each group

Shot timers came into high-end barista machines during the last decade, but single boiler machines at the more entry level of the market haven’t had the benefit of it. The Zoe vision changes that. The Zoe Vision shows its operator the actual time that the machine is taking to produce the desired espresso.


Twin SR Rapid steam wands

The unique Sanremo steam tip design makes it as easy as possible to prepare the fine moussed milk for latte art. And with big boiler sizes, there is always oodles of steam available for your busiest service periods.


Engineered for good tasting coffee

While the configuration of the single boiler Zoe system is broadly similar to many other coffee machines, experienced coffee makers quickly realise that the Zoe seems to make more consistent, better tasting coffee.



A pre-infusion on each shot wets the coffee before the main extraction, reducing chances of weak and bitter coffee, helping you to produce a great tasting cup.


Easy correct cleaning

An automatic backflush programme allows you to clean both the group heads in a pre-set programme. This removes any coffee residues while you can concentrate on doing other things.


Colour options

White or Black chassis, with optional black or red inner panels. These are easily customised to a RAL colour to suit your décor or brand. Simply ask your Coffee roaster or Sanremo UK for a quote.


LED lit working area

The Vision was given its name not just for the display of the shot times, but because its two low energy LED down lighters.



Standard version: no shot time display

Competition: with shot time display

Compact: 2 groups in compact size


Standard and Competition models are available in low and high cup

Sanremo, ZOE Competition

Fit Cup Size

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