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Convenience at your own home

  • Sleek and elegantly designed for your home or office

  • Water tank and direct water inlet option available

  • Available only in single group


A colourful spark of pure technology

  • Coincident Frame and shell for an incomparable solidity and long duration

  • SED and SAP versions: 2 declination of Zoe to suit every need

  • Exclusive Compact version: perfect fitting in any space without quality compromises

  • Available only in 2 groups


Zoe on Steroids

  • Coloured and versatile: Colour customisation available to match different types of deco.

  • Shot timer: Accurate and reliable coffee extraction everytime

  • Low service cost: Designed to decrease the maintenance cost

  • Available in single group, 2 groups and 3 groups

Coffee machine
Coffee machine
Coffee machine


A High Flyer

  • Realtime grouphead stability: Allows an accurate maintenance of the set temperature (± 0.2 °C)

  • Soft pre-infusion: Flowactive system allows precision control of the water flow and pre-infusion time

  • Stainless steel "cold touch": Anti-burning feature fitted at the steam wands

  • Energy Saving System: insulation and smart energy management to save up to 30% of energy

  • Available in 2 groups and 3 groups


Born to Run

  • Heart of steel: For maximum thermal stability

  • Everything under control: Smart-touch setting of individual groups

  • Soft pre-infusion: Flowactive system

  • Volumetric pump performance: Reliable and constant pressre in all conditions

  • Energy saving system

  • Available in 2 groups and 3 groups


The Revolution

  • Created by the best in the coffee world, champions and experts together: The Opera Team

  • Exclusive CDS system (Control Delivery System) that allows full control at the extractions

  • Great ergonomics, amazing details and innovative materials

  • Specific pressure driven mechanical pump for each group

  • Equipped with an ASUS tablet for configurations via bluetooth

  • Comes with competition filters

  • Available in 2 groups and 3 groups

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