Since November 1985, La Rocca Exprés, S.A. designs, manufactures and distributes espresso coffee machines and some other machinery related to the hospitality industry. Our experience allow us to offer a product designed for the intensive use, easy maintenance for the technician and user's comfort.

Our constant drive for innovation and improvement has always characterized the way we work. This has allowed us, over the years, to get together as a team, to collaborate and learn from each other by boldly answering questions that we would never have even brought up alone.

Thanks to our long-standing experience in this sector, we have learnt to recognition what makes an espresso machine an excellent product and, most of all, we have learnt to make all of our machines worthy of the SANREMO brand


We’d rather talk about ideas, design, quality and performance before we get on to products. Every creation is the result of years of study, prototypings, and we can’t even begin to remember how many litres of coffee. They are all part of our story and our commitment, and today, we are proud to present them. Each one can be customised when it comes to parts and materials. We want them to be perfect for your business, for the work you do and for helping you on a daily basis.